ACE cluster

I am a member of the Affect, Cognition and Environment (ACE) research cluster at Massey University. The cluster is made up of academics and students in the School of Psychology who conduct research in the areas of affect/emotion, cognition, and environmental psychology. We have a particular interest in climate change research and open science. The cluster operates a fortnightly research seminar conducted via Zoom. If you would like to join the mailing list for the cluster, please email with the subject line subscribe psych-labseminar.

Members of the ACE cluster in Ohakune Members of the ACE cluster at a retreat in Ohakune, 2015.


I lead the “Reproducible psychology at Albany” lab. Other members of the lab include a mix of DClinPsych, Honours and Masters students. The lab has a focus on open science issues, especially as applied in clinical psychology.


I currently teach into the following course at Massey University:

In the past I have co-ordinated offerings of the following courses:

  • 175.101 Psychology as a Social Science
  • 175.203 Introduction to Psychological Research
  • 175.303 The Practice of Psychological Research
  • 175.306 Assessment of Individual Differences
  • 175.738 Psychological Research: Principles of Design
  • 147.203 Measurement in Rehabilitation
  • 230.310 Tū Tira Mai: Practising Engagement